Askari Cadet College is leading the list of Army Cadet College in Pakistan.

The military is a heavily-armed, highly organized force strongly intended for warfare, also known collectively as armed forces. It is generally regulated and maintained by a sovereign state, and its members are identified by their separate military uniforms. It may consist of one or more military branches such as an Army, Navy, and Air Force and in certain countries, Marines and Coast Guard. The main task of the military is usually defined as defending the state and its interests against external armed threats. In broad usage, often treated as synonymous, although in technical usage a distinction is sometimes made which may include both armed forces and both its military and other paramilitary forces. There are different types of irregular military forces; They belong to the recognized state. Although they regularly share many characteristics with military forces, countries according to the number of active soldiers (2009) are a military of a country. In addition to the war, the military can be employed in additional approved and unapproved tasks within the state, including internal security risks, population control, promotion of political agendas, emergency services and reconstruction, corporate economic interests. , Community events and national honor protection. The fierce training sessions, physical fitness, mental activities, task distribution, teamwork and leadership skills are taught from the very beginning of the first day. Not only this, manners and discipline are the top most priority military colleges because you are nothing as a person if you lack this.

Visionary leadership, the purpose of sincerity, the right direction

Teaching of Fundamentals of Islam as the basis of our values and ideology. Modern and scientific lines on quality education. Preparing cadets as amiable and confident members of our society. To develop a sense of self-esteem in the cadets and mutual respect of one’s colleagues. Providing sound educational base and leadership training to enable cadets to join them as armed forces or carry out higher education into professional colleges as per their aptitude. Aim of Cadet College is to give their best in Army Cadet School in Pakistan. Askari Cadet College has tried to create friendly surroundings and conductive surroundings, allowing the cadets to grow and flourish and expand their potentials and skills to become future leaders of Pakistan. There is a triangle of schooling that includes teachers, curricular and co-curricular activities, with particular emphasis on individual building. Askari Cadet College is leading the list of Army Cadet School in Pakistan … Quality Education through Pakistan Armed Forces and other national or international organizations. Creation of a Cadet College is in no way an easy task to accomplish; It demands visionary leadership, purpose of sincerity, right direction and a lot of motivation to imbibe character traits at the tender cadets at their tender age and fortunately all the above ingredients are amply available with us.

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