for Boys provides basic education for cadets

A new approach to education is needed to fully prepare students for college, career and citizenship. Research, practice and general understanding will ensure a holistic approach to addressing students’ challenges and opportunities addressed today and tomorrow by the broader needs of students, families, schools, and communities through shared responsibility. Will prepare and prepare students. All teachers want to improve what they do for students, their families and the community. Whether it be instruction, school climate, leadership, family engagement or other issues that schools face on a daily basis, tools to help teachers improve their work and practices require a holistic approach to children, which ensures that every student is healthy, safe, engaged. , supported, and challenged, sets the standard for comprehensive, sustainable improvement in school and for long-term students. Total Child Approach is an attempt to transition into a focused, focused educational achievement that promotes long-term development and success for all children.

General Chat Lounge Through this approach, teachers help families, family members, and policy makers as they pursue their vision of teaching the whole child a sustainable, collaborative approach. CCC is an English medium educational institution with excellent hostel facilities on campus. The CCC for Boys Secondary School (Matriculation) and Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination Board prepare cadets for Oxford ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level exams, organized by Rawalpindi and British Council. An ideal student-teacher ratio with educated and trained teachers.

This Cadet College will provide a platform for girls to realize their future dreams. It is a top cadet college in Pakistan. Askari Cadet College envisions providing quality education on its modern and scientific lines. To be selected in such a distinguished field, a student has to go through several stages. One of which includes admission to Cadet College. Pakistan is awarded the highest level of cadet colleges all over the country which produces the best military officers of the number of cadet colleges in Pakistan.

Children who have passed seventh grade and are 12 years old are enrolled in cadet colleges. The twelfth class is taught with emphasis on physical training and character-building. In addition, besides Cadet College, there are three military colleges that provide similar training. The basic mandate of these cadets and military colleges is to prepare officers for the Armed Forces. Ccc for Boys is built to meet the educational needs of the area, which is full of ancient culture and history achievements. Chakwal is the hometown of the majority of our brave soldiers and officers. The boy’s CCC is currently making a modest effort to provide essential educational facilities to the emerging legacy of the esteemed martial area. for Boys provides basic education for cadets to enroll in respected professional bodies, whether they are armed forces or civilians.

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